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Eminent visitors remarks

“What a marvelous showplace of hard work and dedication. I am quite stunned by the school. The collections are wonderful and must be an inspiration of the young people who are fortunate to be students here”

Geoffrey Burkkart,(Research Candidate)
Washington D.C.U.S.S.

“The Archaeological Museum in the school is one of the “BEST” of its kind in India. The antiquities in this Museum are fantastic. Any research on South Indian History and Archaeology will not be completed without visiting this Museum”.

S Sairam Ph.D.,
Research Student,
Department of Archaeology,
University of Madras.

“I was very amazed by the quality of the Museum. This Museum has a history of its own. It is more than a Museum. It is more a research centre for students to create a good interest in Archaeology”

Dr. Osmund Bopearachchi,
Senior Researcher,
French National Centre for Scientific Research,

“It was an immense pleasure to visit the KAMALARC Museum, and to have been received in such a generous manner. I came specially to see the famous terracotta head, and was granted all the access I wanted. I was most impressed by the care that is taken of the material here, an example that other museums could usefully follow!”

Michael Vickers,
Professor of Archaeology,
Ashmolean Museum,
Beaumont Street,
Oxford OXI 2PH
7th April, 2008

“Dear KKN and the entire family who showed me so much warmth and hospitality here today. This ethies principles and values at this school resounded with every step I took. This Institution is alive with history and enriched with the fabulous future that this school is offering to the world and more importantly its children.

Thank you so very much for this wonderful opportunity I will always cherish. With warm regards,”

Suparna Kudesia
101, Rock Bridge Court,
Windsor, CO, 80550
18th June,2008

“It was a wonderful experience going through the museum collection of this school. The interest shown by all the authorities of the school has made me feel very overwhelmed. I will definitely tell others about the archaeological collection of this school. I’m very grateful to the teachers of the Institution for showing me around the school.”

Jyothsna Raghavan,
Ph.D., Research Student,
Deccan College,
Pune – 411006

I am so very happy to visit Kalaimagal Kalvi Nilayam and its beautiful informative museum. This school combines education with love for our cultural past. I am told this is the only school in Asia that has implemented an innovation like this. I congratulate the people behind it and pay my respect to its august founder Meenakshisundaram and Miss. Muthiah.

I would be happy if I succeed in getting a stamp issued for this Institution, an idea that came upon me as I was taking a round. Thank you everybody and Madam Mrs S Mangalavathy. My respect to you all people.

K.N. Nanda
PMG, Coimbatore

We from Coimbatore INTACH chapter deem it a great privilege to have visited the school and its museum on a Sunday. The Museum exhibits very rare collections painstakingly put together over a period of time by very dedicated and devoted Founders.

It provides immense knowledge and information not only for researchers and scholars, but also for the young students who are made aware of our ancient civilization. We have visited many schools as INTACH members, but no school has created such a store house of antiquities for the benefit of posterity.

The Principal and the teachers are fine followers of their Founder’s teachings and attended on us with such love and affection that will be an unforgettable memory which will be cherished by us always. Congratulations on your achievements and our best wishes for your good work in the field of education should continue successfully for a long time to come. Thank you once again for your kind hospitality.

Kalaivani B Chengappa
INTACH Coimbatore Chapter

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